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Holistic Hippie is here to be of assistance and as an open channel , to help guide you on your path, showing you how you can heal your life and get to a place of real inner freedom.Over the years holistic hippie has learned many powerful tools and techniques,that she is eager to share with you . She looks forward to helping you make the changes you desire. Each workshop is carefully designed so that you become more empowered, take greater control of your mind and live a life that is fulfilled and magnificent .

Reiki Workshops

Learn how to become a Reiki Healer to accelerate your natural ability to heal; balance mind, body and spirit; relax, energize and renew; calm emotions and mind, stimulate spiritual equilibrium; relieve stress and tension; support and catalyze change to complement medical treatments and other methods of healing. Reiki training propels you onto a path of self-discovery and mastery. Join our Life CHANGING Workshops!!!!!

First, Second and Master Level training and certification are offered to those who want to help themselves and others.

Reiki Level I

You will learn:
    •  The history of Reiki
    •  Meditation to find your inner healer
    •  Explore your chakras
    •  Receive level one attunement
    •  How to cleanse your aura
    •  How to give and receive a Reiki treatment
Time: 9am to 5pm 
 | Love donation $295

Reiki Level II

 You will learn:
    •    The three Reiki power symbols and how to use them
    •    Energy medicine and where illness originates
    •    Guided meditation to find your Reiki spirit Guides
    •    Healing your past trauma
    •    Receiving your Reiki two attunement
    •    Distance Healing   
Time: 10am to 6pm
 | Love donation: $395

Masters Level III

Your will learn:
• The two master symbols and how to use them
• How to give a Reiki attunement
• How to give a Reiki Masters Treatment
• Meditation initiation and activation journey.
Time: 10:30am to 3pm
 | Love donation: $650

Advance Masters Reiki Intuitive

You will learn:
    •  Where illness and disease originates
    •  Connecting intuitively to see or sense the illness or disease  
    •  How to diagnose your patients concerns
    •  Meditation to sharpen your inner senses
Time: 10am to 5pm | Love donation: $700

Inner Peace Meditation Training Course

This amazing meditation course will teach you unique skills to bring more peace of mind, body and heart into your life .On this journey you will learn how to:

    •  Eliminate anger, frustration and confusion

    •  Feel energized with a new sense of direction
*Create and manifest your dreams

    •  Understand your thoughts and emotions (Find out the role they play in your life)
We will work on developing your psychic abilities to tap into your inner worlds. The 
inner peace training will give you a simple step by step process giving you the tools to bring the war inside you to an end! This is an adventure and a spiritual journey to discover your true divine self.

Group Course is for 3 sessions lasting 3 hr each  Love donation $295
Private Course training 2hrs for 4 sessions love donation $550

Shamanic Yoga & Ecstatic Dance Playshop

Introducing a day filled with adventure and exploration taking you through Shamanic yoga, meditation, spirit dance and dream catcher making. A playshop designed for you to taste and experience different ways of connecting you with spirit and understanding your own unique spiritual gifts.

Time: 9am to 6pm
 | Love donation: $195

Discover your sacred contracts in our Pastlife Regression Workshop

  •    Do you truly know your soul?

  •    Do you get stuck in negative patterns?
  •    Are you in unhealthy relationships?

  •    Why do you react to certain situations or lose your sense of power?

Finding your sacred contract can help you find the answers. Join us in a workshop to discover your true soul and to begin to change the negative patterns and relationships in your life. Rewriting a new contract for your life and empowering the change you want.

 Your hosts: Dr Bianca Komansky and Mr Henry Komansky Course starts on a Friday at 6 pm to 8:30pm
 nd continues on Saturday 10am to 6pm
  |  Love donation: $240

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