Holistic Massage services

All services are custom to each individual needs. Supporting  you on your healing journey to healthy body mind and spirit.

60 min $125

90min $155

Swedish Massage

This soothing Massage sedates the nervous system, improves the circulation  warms and softness your tired muscles.Using a gentle to medium pressure very relaxing.

Deep Massage

Therapeutic techniques are use with firm pressure  to provide relief to chronically tired over worked and aching muscles, releasing blocked tension and leaving you with a sense of refreshed body and mind.

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Mummy to be pregnancy massage

This special treatment is to nurture and support new and expecting mothers. Offering relief from neck shoulder lower back and feet tension, sciatica, swollen ankles  and  hip pain.Using essential rose oil to aid in your relaxation calming your body baby and mind.

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Stress relief massage

The Stress relief massage is the ideal massage to get "out of ones head" far far away from everyday's metal emotional stress. Using essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender to distress and decongest the sinuses, improving circulation of the cerebral fluid.Includes the back neck shoulders and head.

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Yoga massage

(combines breathing exercise and stretching of your muscles to aid in relaxation)

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