Services - Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

I understand that unforeseen events  are a natural flow of the way life goes sometimes and i am happy to honer your business as follows . If there are any health issues present at the time of your scheduled session ,workshop or class or your feeling so sick and out of it,if  if you found out your pregnant or someone has offered you the most amazing deal of your life that if you didnt take it your life will be crushed and ruined forever .PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE YOUR SESSION STARTS and i will kindly offer you a new time and day which works for you. 

I have a 24 hr cancellation policy so if you need to cancel your session workshop or class please connect with me.

There is a charge of 50% for those who are stinking drunk  cant be bother to show up or decided to leave the island with out telling me...

Please understand that it takes time  to create the space for your journeys so that you experience the best and get what you need to heal to grow to balance to nourish..

Thankyou for your understanding

In love and light Bianca