Holistic Hippie believes in reconnecting your body and soul by providing you with the most relaxing and soothing massage therapies to still your busy mind. The massages are designed to take you on a journey that soothes your body, rests your mind, and nourishes your heart . Using the very best in body essential oils to deepen your experience. Choose from one of the many therapeutic and holistic treatments which include Yoga, Reiki and Chakra balancing as well as many other alternative treatments. Each session is tailored to meet your therapeutic needs. Bring back the ahhhhhh and yummy feelings.

Alternative Therapy

60min $125 
90min $155

Intuitively reading your energy to customize your alternative therapy treatment, treating you on all levels of mind, body and spirit. A combination of massage, Reiki, chakra balancing/readings, psychotherapy, crystals, crystal singing bowls and meditation.

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60min $100 
90 min $145

An ancient Japanese therapy, heals and restores your body’s natural balance, working through your chakra system. Extremely calming emotionally,Physically and mentally.

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Pastlife Regression

90 min $160

Unlock the secrets of your past life. During a past life regression you will go back to the life you most need to know about in your present time. This can explain a great deal about your current life and help you to move forward with a deeper understanding about who you are and why you are here.

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Colour & Sound

90 min $155 

Combines sound vibrations using tuning forks and scented aura soma pomanders. Working with your aura and energy system, chakras are balanced, clearing, releasing and energizing, resulting in a sense of peace. Color and sound therapy is ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain.

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Elixir of Youth Head Massage

60 min $125 

This extremely relaxing treatment concentrates on the neck shoulders and head, to relieve tension, headaches, and sinus congestion. Acupressure points and aromatherapy oils combine with Reiki to re energize and decongest, giving a wonderful feeling of well being.

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Brazilian Light Energization 

45 min $95

This mystical experience is for those who desire a spiritual awakening; a powerful healing, working to bring emotions back into balance, inspiring a deeper level of divine love and inspiration.

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Abdominal Chi Massage

60 min $125

A treatment focusing on both the physical toxins and emotional stresses that builds up in the abdominal area. Directing attention to this area will recycle and transform emotions, releasing deep muscle tension, and bring back harmony and vitality to the entire body.

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Ear Candle Therapy

60 min $125 

A unique purification process beginning with an energy sweep using sage herbs. Includes a facial massage and ear candling to soften and remove wax and fluid from your ears. Perfect for those who suffer with sinus congestion, headaches and swimmers ear.

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Private Yoga

60 min $75 (private class)
Courses $525 for 8 classes

A powerful opportunity to personalize your yoga experience .Building a relationship of trust with your body and mind, focus on your goals and enhance your yoga experience.

Get support, Heal injury,Achieve new poses,Growing as a yoga teacher.Offering unparalleled opportunities for physical and emotional support.

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Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness, bringing about deep states of relaxation and opening your mind to beneficial suggestions to make positive change in your life. Finding out the root cause of your concerns. Quit smoking, pain relief, insomnia, phobias,weight loss, regression are just a few of what hypnotherapy can help you with..an amazing journey in a sort time.

Love donation $130 60min $160 90min

For more information please visit www.hypnotistbermuda.com 

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Tarot Readings

45 min $65 
60 min $85

Gain insight into your past present and future. Receive answers to your questions, connecting with spirit, feeling a new sense of clarity and direction. Find out more about our online Skype readings.

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